Anyone who Digs a hole, has an area to protect or needs to
control People movement, needs
With ConeTopper
Are there holes that a child (or  adult) could
unknowing pass through because they just don't
see the cones or those high posts with ribbons
as barriers.  But see them as a slalom course
or a swing?
Protect that Hole?
This corner is not protected without a ribbon
Look around.  
If you see safety cones being used, are they really protecting the area intended, or
are they just making the area look

Keep it Professional !!!!

With ConeTopper you not only get
better protection but you get a
Professional look.
This is an open Pit
Without ConeTopper there are Holes in your Protection.
Put the Ribbon at Child's Level!
Block those Holes With the amazing ConeTopper
Bring on that
Professional Look
Do you use Delineators?

Stop wasting Time and Money
(aren't they the same)?

If you don’t have to use them
Most of the time Delineators are used only
because a more secure barrier is needed.  
That means a ribbon or rope needs to be strung
around a hazardous area.
Now with
you can use cones to string the
Ribbon or Rope.
With ConeTopper you put the
barrier at a child's level so
that both adults and children
can see the barrier.
Convenient to use and reuse.
No need to remove ribbon between jobs.
Just stack the cones and tuck the ribbon inside one or
more cones.
They can then be stored in any position, the back seat,
truck beds even on the bumper holders.
They're ready for your next job.
Convenient to Store
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Who can use ConeTopper
Why Use ConeTopper
Signs and Covers
Cement Workers
Plumbers - Home Owners -
Construction Workers - Painters
-   Gardeners - Irrigation
Businesses - Sports Events -
Schools - Special Events - Police
- Fire - Lighting Companies -
Building Maintenance - Carpet
Cleaning Business - Military  
Anyone that digs a hole or puts a
hazard in the publics way.
Anyone could pass into this
hazardous area without a ribbon.
Maximize your Protection and
Lower your Material Use
Construction Industry