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When your responding to a situation Visibility and Time
are What you need.
Will Give you More of Each.
With ConeTopper your cones will
have the Ribbon already installed ( no
looking around for ribbon or tape to
hold the ribbon on the cones),  
Waiting to be deployed.
After your done at a seen,
simply stack the cones with
ConeTopper and Ribbon
installed and put the Stack
anywhere you want.  Your
Trunk a Cone Carrier or your
Back Seat, Anywhere.
This feature reduces Time to
your response while increasing
your visibility (the addition of a
ribbon between cones).
With ConeTopper there is no
need to look for a place
to tie a Ribbon to
(a tree, bush or your vehicle),
allows you to define the area
anyway you need,
because the ribbon
is held to the cone by
Visibility, one of the most
needed tool you need.  
Adding a ribbon between cones
adds a great amount of visibility
and order to any seen.  And with
this is simple and convenient.
California Air National Guard
129th Rescue Wing
Moffett Federal Airfield
Palo Alto Police Department
Palo Alto, California USA
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