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Who can use ConeTopper
Why Use ConeTopper
Signs and Covers
No more
Duct Tape
or Sticks!!!
With ConeTopper you can protect that hazard and keep that
Clean and Professional Look.
With ConeTopper your
ribbon stays securely
attached to the cones,
even in high winds
Look Mom
Duct Tape
More Pictures
How long will
this cone be
Do you use Delineators?

Stop wasting Time and Money
(aren't they the same)?

If you don’t have to use them
Most of the time Delineators are used only
because a more secure barrier is needed.  
That means a ribbon or rope needs to be strung
around a hazardous area.
Now with
you can use cones to string the
Ribbon or Rope.
With ConeTopper you can put a barrier
that alerts people to a hazard
You can use anything that fits under
Don't Be THAT GUY -- Duct does NOT hold for long to Cones      
                                  and really messes them up.
Duct Tape after One Day in the Sun.  Not protecting
anything, and causing a pedestrian hazard of their own.
I installed ConeToppers here and they are still holding tight TEN days latter.