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Insert one leg of ConeTopper
into the top of the cone.
Then place your ribbon
across the cone.
Now insert the other Leg, your
No need to remove ribbon between jobs.
Just stack the cones and tuck the ribbon
inside one or more cones.
They can then be stored in any position, the back seat, truck beds
even on the bumper holders.
They're ready for your next job.
Convenient to use and reuse.
Don't Remove that Ribbon
Bend these tabs UP
Knock out this hole
If you wish to add
a Flag
Who can use ConeTopper
Why Use ConeTopper
Signs and Covers
Bend Locking Tab
Be sure that tabs are
under lip
Be sure that
locking tabs are
under the cone's
top lip.
Need it Higher
ConeTopper can
Accommodate You.
They're still Stackable.